it's me!

yoboseyo! i'm ct..or also know as dj... my full name is siti nur hidayah jamil..i'm the 1st daughter of 3 siblings...

i'm 16 and will be 17 this 2012..and i'm going to take the SPM exam next year! can't wait to finished it! and get free!  hahaha
i study at SBPI Selandar @ SISME.... and have such crazy friends! till i'm going crazy t0oo..:D they are rabisyera, tikaakmaechahnanieeizasumie teha, and many more~eventough they r crazy sometimes..but i'm glad to have them by my side..

here they are --->

and now..all i want for this new year 2012 are...
have a happy family forever 
✓ pray for a better days in 2012.. 
✓ got achieve excellent in my SPM! 
✓ my friendship with my crazy gurlz would never last!^^

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