Saturday, December 24


yoboseyo! who i am?? here i am...haha...i'm not good enough in words...urm,,my name,, ct nur hidayah,,i'm 16 year-old teen...but gonna be 17 on 2012...ouch! that's my really important year for me! that would make my life stress because i will be facing the most biggest test that would show how my future gonna looks like...that's SPM!!!oh no! i feel that time is ticking so fast!haish!! but,,it's okay! i know i can hold it! wish i gonna pass my test with flying colours! yeah! jia yo!^^anyway,,that's me~

looks matured right?? hahaha

my friends usually called me ct,,dayah,,and now i have new nick new friends at SISME gave it to me since my first day i entered this school...i'm so glad to be there..^^

and now,,it's about my they are...have 5 cool daddy,my lovely mummy, my skinny sister,and my cute chubby brother..

it's was taken a long time ago...haha

my cool and handsome daddy! ♥

my lovely mummy, ♥ but she's could be a strict one...

my skinny sister,,haha eira..♥ ...but she's always make me feel annoying! huh!

here my little cute chubby brother...Ayie..♥  but sometimes he could be such a lazy boy!

really love this picture! how funny my daddy looks like! hahaha 

yah~ that's all about me and my family...i love them very much although sometime they could make me annoying and fell bit anger for some reasons...anyway~i'm glad to have them by my side either when I'm in good or bad them forever and after...^^

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