Sunday, February 26

ShOuLd I Leave or NoT?
whY wHen I sTarT To Leave
'You' Tend To Come BacK

TiLL wHen wiLL I Be Like This
I'm JusT A norMaL PersOn
This Always Made Me Tired...

I knOw 'You' dOn'T kNow
oR 'You' PreTend ThaT You don'T kNow

BuT WhaTever It Is
I already Have EnOugh Of It

I Think This is ReaLLy The End oF It

whaT iF It Came Back????
:) I wiLL noT sTop For 'You'
And RePeaTing The sAme OLd sTorY.....
And aGaIn Make Me FeeL Tired

Because I Had enouGh Of It
I'm Tired
I'm Giving Up
I BeTTer Leave

Because I Also Know.....
We Can'T Always GeT WHaT We WanT.....
BuT we cAn AppreciaTe wHaT We Have...

The End oF The New BeGinnIng

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