Monday, December 26

just read it... what a nonsense story..hahaha

adaptation from my friend.. Ai Haibara^^The morning was Sunday morning. The weather is cold enough to reach the extent of freezing temperatures. That's why I do not took shower in the morning because the water tank so the water ice and did not want to go out for frozen pipes in the trunk.That morning I had breakfast with the family in campfire because not stand cold.After that my mother invited me to accompany him to the market. But I do not want to.

After my mother's stomach pierced with a fork several times that I agree to follow.We walked as far as 120 miles because the market is located 128 miles from home. Another 8 miles I reached the market I noticed a container truck at a speed rush from behind. He broke my mother. My mother was thrown into the ravine. He shouted "Ouch!".Then my mother up again and pursued the truck. I'm also running at the back of my mother because my mother feared violation of the truck as well. The truck driver saw us catch up. He accelerates faster that the speed of light. We are forced to pursue more of the same speed twice the speed of light. My mother across the front tire of a truck. The lorry skidded and hit the road and collide with a ferry. The ferry was torn in two.

Passenger ferry was a total of 100 people are all dead. Ferry driver was very angry.He turned into Ultraman  and get the truck driver on fire. 

Truck driver pressing a special button in the truck .. the truck he turns into a robot Transformer.

 They fought in the air.My mother was not happy. He continued to rent a helicopter in Genting Highlands and went to the scene of an accident. He violates the ferry driver turned into the Ultraman.
Ferry driver was surprised and continue to guide the ferry turned back and crashed into the road. Driver ferry was broken. Truck driver was afraid to look at the incident.He asked for forgiveness from my mother. She extended her hand to shake. But my mother was still angry. He inclined standby in helping to cut off the hand truck driver with a propeller of a helicopter. Truck driver shouted "Ouch ..!" and fell to the ground.Mother say to send the helicopter to Genting Highlands. When he returned to the scene, he continued to hit the truck driver with her handbag as she scolded the truck driver in English.
The truck driver can not answer because my mother spoke in English. Then the truck driver is dead. Soon a police car arrived. He made a report to the headquarters of the horrific accident. All members of the police at the police office were shocked and died. People swarmed the scene because he wants to know what happened.Police on duty tried to disperse the people he screamed loudspeaker. The public was shocked and all dead.
After that my mother invited me to the market to prevent more people will die. In the market, my mother told the incident to the butchers. Butchers and traders close to hear the stories were all shocked and died. I and my mother ran back to the house.Being too tired once we got home to die. That was the worst accident I've ever seen before I die.

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